The cheapest energy is the one do not consumed

Energy Saving

Estalvi Energètic The ultimate goal of this study is to save energy, due to the high dependence on foreign more than 70%, and the high price that is reaching. The price of energy has been an increase of 60% in 5 years. Energy Certification gives us the data, among others, the consumption of a building, and proposals to improve the energy rating, as well as improve the grade one or two letters, we can get considerable savings.

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Energy Certification

Certificació Energètica How much consume a building? Meet the consumption of your building or home? In PlusEnergy conducted a comprehensive study of the characteristics of buildings and energy consumption of the same, in order to detect the main leakage power, especially with regard to the air of homes, which is the most important part of the bill energy.

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Energy Rehabilitation

Rehabilitació Energètica Improving insulation of facades and roofs, sunscreens, changing habits acquired, benefits are obtained in very short term. Energy losses buildings we can be 30% or more, especially in buildings between 40 and 80, come into force until the first regulations on thermal insulation in 1979. Calculates that 58% of buildings do not have any insulation.

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