• SAVE COSTS: About 70% of the energy consumed in schools is heating, cooling and lighting.
  • CONSUMPTION CONTROL: Control the consumption of the building in real time.
  • AVOID LOSSES: Analyze the characteristics of buildings and identify where the most important energy leaks. For walls, windows and roofs loses over 30% of energy. Optimization equipment.
  • INCREASE COMFORT: Make the temperature, humidity and air exchange to give a better sense of comfort to the students and the teachers.


  • MONITORING FACILITIES: To know in real time the distribution of consumption of escola2the school and the real power used.
  • SURROUNDING IMPROVEMENT: Increase the insulation of facades and roofs, inside or outside. Changing old wooden windows and balconies  unsealed.
  • ADJUST TIMES AND CONSUMPTION: Avoid maximum power at certain times. Review contracted power. Install motion detector.
  • REPLACE INEFFICIENT FACILITIES: Boilers with great energy demand, gas or electricity.


  • PRESTIGE: Company is committed to the environment and energy saving
  • ECONOMIC SAVING: Reducing expenses by 50%.
  • REVALUATION: Increase the heritage value.