What is:

The energy certificate is the document that requires buildings to meet energy rating and what energy consumption and CO2 emissions which are generated.

From June 2013 approves the basic procedure for energy certification of buildings, according to Decree 235/2013.Decree 235/2013

For us it is not only the obligation that moves us, we become aware of the need to save resources becoming more expensive and inaccessible.

Data obtained with the report and certified energy:

  • How much a building consumes? Meet the consumption of your building or home? At PlusEnergy carry out a comprehensive study of the characteristics of buildings and energy consumption of the same, in order to detect the main leakage power, especially with regard to climate control of homes, which is the most important part of the bill energy.
  • How many CO2 emissions produced in the atmosphere? With the realization of study to obtain the Certificate global emissions [kgCO ₂ / m2 year]. Objective: Reducing CO2 emissions by 20%, increase renewable energy production by 20% and improve energy efficiency by 20% by means of the Energy Rehabilitation of Buildings.Kyoto´s Protocol Directive EU 20/20/20
  • Which measures can be applied for energy improvement? Once fact the energy study and identified the main shortcomings, are proposed the most appropriate measures for improvement, with corresponding economic evaluation. The most important thing is always act first about the envelope of the building and then on the shortcomings of the facilities. Proposals for improving the energy rating can improve two letter rating, so if you have a G can go to E or if you have F  can go to a D. Result: Revalorization of the House and Energy Savings .+ Info

The real estate must display the label which shows the rating from A to G.

  • Experience in countries where it has long been established that classification gives positive results.
  • Example: Countries like Denmark have been reduced housing consumption by 20% on average, after establishing the certificate.


Consequences of not getting the energy certification of buildings

  • The consequences of not obtaining the qualifying label can be both types of environmental and legal sanctions by the promoter or owner established in Decree 235/2013 and Law 8/2013 Law 8/2013