porquet2We have the challenge, we have the technology, we have needs and we have the answers for improving energy savings. We want and we can become true leaders in this process.

The ultimate goal of carrying out these studies is Saving Energy. Due to the high dependence on foreign, more than 70%, and the high price which is reaching the price of energy has risen 60% in 5 years, it’s time to think about the energy saving.

Energy Certification gives us the data, among others, the consumption of a building, and the proposals to improve the energy rating, as well as improving one or two letters in qualifying, we can obtain significant savings.

Power consumption

Residential buildings and services consumed 1/3 of the total EU final energy. The final energy is what comes after spending the process of transforming fossil or renewable primary sources.

Residential Sector

Tertiary sector (Services)

Barcelona final energy consumption by sector (Services)

Do you know what your home consumes? The study and energy audit will answer it.

Why a building consumes more energy than necessary? It is time to apply saving measures.

Do you know that 30% of the energy consumed is wasted, the low quality of the closures insulation of buildings? It is necessary to improve the insulation of the building envelope.


Losses from the envelope of the building can become 30-40%.
To have power generation systems inefficient losses can reach 20%
It is essential to change the mentality regarding consumption.


    Less dependence on foreign energy
    Less greenhouse gas emissions
    Improved climate
    Less energy consumption
    More comfort in homes, offices, shops
    Better quality of life
    More value of real estate park
    Adding Value

Example: In Germany for every dollar invested by the government in 2010 on rehabilitation energy has recovered 5.